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STUDIO LEGALE DI MONTE is a boutique that operates in the field of labor law, family law (also taking care of Italian-Brazilian relations), business contracts (also in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish), sphere of compensation for damages, the right of privacy and real estate executions.


The professionals of the firm have also dealt with and specialized in criminal proceedings against property, having successfully followed thousands of criminal trials in this matter.


The firm has been receiving clients from all over Italy and residing abroad for many years, even via video conferencing, being able to boast a proven experience in this regard gained well before the health emergency.

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Activity areas

  •  Online consulting.
  • Protection of workers in claims to the employer at any location.
  • Assistance to businesses in labor law matters.
  • Assistance to companies in contractual consultancy, including international and corporate litigation.
  • Advice on banking and financial law.
  • Crisis and resolution of family conflicts, primarily having regard to the interests of minors.
  • Advice on the protection of personal data. (GDPR)
  • Defense in criminal proceedings in crimes against property.
  • Evictions and Leases.
  • Compensation for damage.
  • The firm offers online consultations.

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